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Faction Guidelines

Postby Liberty City Roleplay » Thu Jan 12, 2017 3:47 pm

Faction Thread Guidelines

#1 Common courtesy
Do not flame or otherwise derail faction threads, including your own. If you have an issue with another member of the community, please report to private messages or otherwise report them in the Appeals section.

#2 Plagiarism
Plagiarism of faction concepts from other communities is strictly prohibited. If you wish to carry over a concept from another community, please provide the Faction Management with a PM from the original faction leader containing their explicit permission. This also covers copying faction concepts straight from Street Gangs, Wikipedia, or other encyclopaedic websites. At least 80% of your faction thread must be your own work.

#3 Faction media
Insure that all faction media posted on your thread is your own. Do not edit the faction screenshots of others with the aim of humiliating or otherwise disrespecting them. Please try to keep your screenshots as low a file size as possible to prevent loading loops. Deathmatch/shooting montages will be removed and the posters warned.

#4 Obeying the lore
Always consult the lore as well as active and archived factions before attempting to establish a faction in an area where one is already active.

If you wish to have your forum topic locked and archived, please append the subject of your main post with [L&A] or report the main post of the topic using the forum's report system.

Rules of Engagement

#1 Turf disputes
Turf disputes should be dealt with entirely in-character.

#2 Faction wars
Inter-faction wars with the intent to character kill can be engaged with consent from both sides under admin supervision. Inter-faction hits can be approved outside of wartime with express permission of Faction Management.

#3 Attacking properties
Faction Management must be consulted before targeting a rival faction's business with the intent to cause serious damage.

#4 Drive-by shootings
A drive-by shooting must be carried out with the intent to harm or scare, but not to kill.

#5 Coup d'états
You must gain written support of the majority of your faction members to perform a coup d'état (overthrowing of a leadership figure). The support must be sent to the Faction Management prior to the coup taking place. Failure to do this may render the coup void.

The Privilege System

Similarly to other roleplay servers, LC-RP allows factions that meet certain requirements to gain first-party access to the trafficking of weapons, drugs, and other materials to enhance their roleplay. Unlike "official" factions, the supply chain for these groups will be extremely minimal and amounts of weapons or drugs will be limited based on the Game Master's best judgement of the character or faction's position.

  • At least 3 weeks of activity and able to give evidence.
  • At least some presence on the Organizations or Character Development forum.
  • No infractions / bans within the past 3 months.

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