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Community Guidelines
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Community Guidelines

Postby Liberty City Roleplay » Thu Jan 05, 2017 12:48 pm

V Roleplay attempts to be impartial in our approach to policing players where possible. As such, there are no fixed punishments for most violations and rulings on any potential breach of these guidelines is left to the discretion of our staff members. If you feel a staff member has treated you unfairly, please fill out the Staff Report form in the Appeals section and PM it to a member of the Founders usergroup.

Forum Guidelines

#1 Be courteous to one another
i.e. no racism, hate speech, overt nationalism, brigading / bandwagoning, or general insults.

#2 No advertising/spamming
i.e. no software piracy, server/client advertising, unnecessarily bumping threads, etc.

#3 Subforum rules
Follow the rules of each sub-forum.

#4 Metagaming
i.e. using the information of Out of Character subforums for use IC / in-game.

Server Guidelines

#1 Roleplay at all times
You are expected to roleplay at all times whenever logged into the server. You are permitted to ignore OOC chats to continue roleplaying (unless otherwise prompted by an administrator). If you have an issue with another player, we would appreciate if you continued roleplaying until the scenario had come to a close to file any reports.

#2 Metagaming
The mixing of in-character and out-of-character information is forbidden and detrimental to roleplay. This includes using any of form of OOC communication (including forum PMs, Skype, etc) to provide players with IC information, using faction topics as a basis for investigation (unless given permission to have prior knowledge of them by the faction's leader), and using any OOC references such as nametags in-character.

#3 Powergaming
The forcing of actions upon yourself or another character or object outside of your character's limitations. This includes all forms of withdrawing weapons larger than a Colt .45, Knife, or other small hand-tool.

#4 Character development
As a roleplaying community first and foremost, we believe character development is crucial to meaningful interactions. We do not put limits on what you can roleplay, only give guidance as to how we suggest you roleplay it. Roleplaying a serial killer, a terrorist, or a bloodthirsty gang member is fine as long as you develop your character up to that point. If you are accused of breaking the Community Guidelines, we expect you to deliver evidence of your character development in defence of your actions.

#5 Rape, torture, and other gruesome / taboo roleplay
We trust that our players are mature enough to handle roleplaying taboo subjects. Please ensure all parties engaged in the roleplay explicitly agree to it before it takes place. For the benefit of the doubt, we recommend ensure that you have evidence of this mutual agreement in the form of a screenshot (F12).

#6 Third-party modifications
Modifications, script hooks, hacks, binary edits, or any other third-party modifications to your game that give an unfair advantage over other players are forbidden. Violation of this rule is punishable by a permanent ban.

#7 UCP account limit
In order to ensure players focus on character development and put value into their interactions with one another, we decided to limit the amount of characters available to be created on a single UCP account. A third character slot can be unlocked upon donating $5 or more to the server.

#8 Account security
We do not accept account sharing, whether with UCP accounts or characters. If you wish to donate for another player, please inform an administrator before you access the other player's account. You are responsible for your own account security.

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