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Liberty City Police Department

Recruitment Desk
1200 Congress Ave., Torrington, Staunton,
Liberty City, LY 90015

Section 1.
Personal Details

1a. Name
    i. First Name:
    ii. Last Name:
    iii. Middle Initial:

1b. Origin
    i. Gender (Check one - i.e. ☑)
    ☐ Male ☐ Female
    ii. Current address:
    iii. Place of Birth:
    iv. Date of Birth:

1c. Background
    i. Mother's Name:
    ii. Mother's Place of Birth:

    iii. Father's Name:
    iv Father's Place of Birth:

    v. Race: (Check one - i.e. ☑)
      ☐ White (including white Hispanic)
      ☐ Black
      ☐ Asian
      ☐ First Nation / Native American
      ☐ Pacific Islander
      ☐ Other (please specify)

1d. Experience
    i. Do you have any criminal convictions? If so, please explain.

    ii. Do you have any relevant experience to the position of Police Officer? (If you are requesting a transfer or reinstatement, please leave this blank and refer to form Section 4.)

    iii. Are you trained in the safe usage of firearms?
    ☐ Yes ☐ No

1e. Health
    i. Do you have any chronic illnesses? (If yes, please explain further)
    ☐ Yes ☐ No

    ii. Do you require glasses or contact lenses to read efficiently or see details at a distance?
    ☐ Yes ☐ No

    iii. Do you have a history of narcotics usage? (If yes, please explain further)
    ☐ Yes ☐ No

    iv. Attach a recent photo of your face. (Please ensure your hair is not blocking the view and that you are not wearing a hat or glasses)
    (( List your skin name from HERE ))

Section 2.
The LCPD and You

2a. Branch Details
    i. Which LCPD bureau are you applying for?
    Portland Bureau____________________________________________

2b. Departmental Details
    i. Which LCPD department / office are you applying for? (Check one - i.e. ☑)
      ☐ Field Operations
      ☐ Administrative Services
      ☐ Detective Bureau
      ☐ Special Operations

    ii. Do you have any relevant experience in the department / office you have selected?

Section 3.

3a. Licenses
    i. Do you have any of the following? (Check all that apply - i.e. ☑)
      ☐ Valid US passport or visa
      ☐ Valid US/Canada driving license
      ☐ Valid US/Canada pilot license
      ☐ Valid Liberty State Firearms Safety Certificate (LSFSC)

Section 4.
Transfer / Reinstatement
PLEASE NOTE: The LSPD accepts a limited amount of transfers per recruitment period. If you are unsure as to whether we are accepting transfers at this time, please contact the LSPD Public Relations desk or ask a clerk at any LSPD precinct.

4a. Former Employment
i. Police department:
ii. City:
iii. Former commanding officer and rank:

i. Date of Graduation: DD/MM/YYYY
ii. Date of Resignation: DD/MM/YYYY

(( Out of Character ))
(( The contents of this section are entirely out of character. ))
    Name: i.e. John
    Age: i.e. 18
    Timezone/Location: i.e. GMT+0/London
    Total playing time: i.e. 10 hours

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